Here is everything you need to know about our services. Still, if you’ve got more questions without answers, contact us anytime to make everything clear.

General questions

There is no particular juristic permission or prohibition. You can consider an essay or coursework or any other paper as one of the goods. Basically, you purchase a product, and we do your essay. In this case, you can equate essays to a pair of jeans or a set of dishes.
This depends on how you use them. Submitting this essay with your name really is a violation of academic rules. But if you use this paper as a template, then there is nothing wrong. If you use it as an example for writing future essays, then everything is fine. Sure thing, you can pay attention to sources we use to help you. Also, nothing wrong with learning how to format and do citations with this paper. This way you are not cheating if we do essay assignments for you.
What we need is your subject, topic, formatting choice (if there’s a need for it), and capacity. We’re always for extra instructions as we want to fit your expectations to their maximum.
3 hours is the minimum we need. It is better to ask for our helping hand earlier! We can do papers fast; emergencies are not a problem but they cost more. And we hope we have extra time to make the order cheap for you.
No problem! We do papers of any academic level. And we can do assignments for high school too. Tell us what book you need and we’ll help you in no time.
There are many free essays that pro-writers create on random topics. They are floating in the net and they are free. But make sure that it’s an essay written by a professional. Consider checking it for plagiarism.
Usually, urgent papers cost more. Yet, in our case, urgent essays are the main specialization. This is why their cost is lower than average, as we do it as standard work. Thus, yes, you can get cheap urgent essays from us.
We have years of experience in writing, logical structuring, and generating ideas for essays and other papers. We don’t need ideas from others because we’ve got ours already.
We use extra information resources only to back your ideas up. We do citations according to academic standards. We forbid any form of plagiarism.
Any product has its cost. And essays are no exception. Obviously, we’re against overpricing. Still, we can’t work on pure enthusiasm. Our prices are lower than average already, so you can save money when we do essays for you.
Any enterprise should secure information about its customers. And if there is an opportunity to stay 100% anonymous, it’s only good. No one should know that you’ve ordered any product until you want to talk about this. Moreover, we don’t need your name, age, and so on when we do your essay. By the way, if you ever use other writing services, make sure that they don’t fish for info they don’t need for writing. Deceivers and frauds can try to blackmail you for using essay services.
Indeed, the refund will be momentous. If you don’t like any extra options of authors who can do your essay, you don’t get an assignment done. That means you must get your money back. And we guarantee it 100%.
Contact us immediately in this case. You will get your money 100% back instantly if your writer hasn’t started writing.
Tell us about all the flaws. You can get as many revisions as you want. And we don’t charge extra for that. The essay for you must be speckless!
Essays are products like everything else, and they have their cost. Reasons for buying a paper can be different. Some circumstances leave students no choice but to pay someone to do their paper. And whatever your reason is, we’re always ready to help.